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Full service interior design with Danielle


I specialize in the design of entire homes or rooms. I can help you select each and every detail of your home - from the moldings to the floors, from the door knobs to the throw pillows. I will work closely with your architect and builder to help create a cohesive plan that is completely “you.” I also love a good old-fashioned decorating project in which the architecture is already in place and you're simply looking to turn your house into a home. I am here for you each and every step of your design project, from beginning to end, in whichever capacity I’m needed.


Here is an overview of how the process works:

Step 1: introductions

Phone consultation to learn about your needs, and to introduce myself and my company’s philosophy. This first conversation is about mutually determining if we are a good fit to work together. We'll discuss your project and desired budget, the design process, my fees, and any other questions you may have.


Step 2: survey & agreement

Once we have agreed to work together, we'll meet at the project location or your home to review blueprints or to assess your current interior and discuss what changes and improvements you have been considering. If your project is a full home renovation or new build, I will also have a separate meeting with the architectural team and/or builder. At this point, measurements are made or blueprints are given, and colors and materials are discussed. We’ll review the functions your home will need to fulfill for you and your desired style and so that we can create the environment that best suits your lifestyle. If necessary, an estimate of my hourly design fees will be given to you and agreed upon after this meeting.


Step 3: design plan & presentation

I create a design plan for your home based on a combination of what I have learned from you and my own creativity.  The concept will be presented through the use of photos, floorplans, fabric, paint, samples and other materials I recommend. If we are working on a full home design, this phase will consist of a series of meetings. If we are working together on a single room, one or two presentation meetings are typically all that’s necessary. At this point, the design is tweaked and/or approved into a final design plan.


Step 4: implementation

Once you’ve approved the final design, furnishings and materials are ordered, and all work is scheduled. If your project is a new build or a renovation, this is the messy part where the concept of your home begins to take shape and become a reality. I will be working diligently behind the scenes to make sure all of your goods are fabricated and arrive as planned. I am available for your builder/contractor to answer any questions and check in on your project site as needed.


Step 5: installation & accessorizing 

When your space is ready and all of your furnishings have arrived, I will oversee the installation of everything for you. If necessary your furniture can be delivered to a local receiving warehouse and delivered all at the same time on installation day. A room isn't complete until it's been accessorized and filled with meaningful pieces and we install this final layer with a professional team of installers either at the furnishings installation or separately depending upon your project and personal needs.

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