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Captain, Soccer Mom Cheerleading Squad

A dwelling becomes home when it authentically reflects who we are and what we dream.

About Me

I think deeply about what makes a person feel good in their surroundings. It’s a bit of an obsession, really… to create interiors that nurture the people who live well within them. I celebrate a broad range of styles and bring the best of my clients point of view to light. Once brought together, eclectic objects, experiences, and enthusiasms feel as though they could never be otherwise.

In my personal life, I prefer fresh clippings from the garden rather than diamonds. I am most content at home surrounded by my sweet young daughter (who has inherited the creative gene), the dedicated hubby, and our silly French bulldog.

I thrive in stylish practical milieus and wish to bestow that on my clients.

Danielle Monteverdi has been designing interiors since 2005. With a fine arts degree, Danielle worked as a graphic designer for fortune 500 companies prior to venturing out into the world of interiors. In 2008 she immersed herself into the community by opening a bespoke home furnishing store Milieu Home Goods. Today, she is a full time interior designer who is being recognized by national publications. She currently calls Wyckoff NJ home.

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Non-TV Activity Coordinator

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CEO, Department of Make Believe

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Head of Security

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