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Each room will receive a personalized and custom design scheme accompanied by necessary swatches and samples. Includes three rounds of revisions per room.


The following recommendations will be provided:

  • Floor plans

  • Furniture and decor selections including floor coverings and window treatments

  • Lighting

  • Paint color or wall covering

We will process, track and manage purchases of the interior décor associated within the scope of your proposal. 

Recommendations will be presented via pictures with necessary detailed specifications and finish samples when available.

Danielle Monteverdi Interiors will be responsible for the general overall look and feel of the interior design and décor. An hourly fee or project fee will be incurred for interior design related to non décor needs, as listed above, such as kitchen designs, bath designs, fireplace makeovers, architectural enhancements, etc.



Every client and job is unique. We will determine if your job will be billed based on your overall budget, on an hourly rate basis or a total project price. 

Overall budget pricing:

Design fees are 25% of your overall budget.

Our trade discounts will be applied to purchases, when applicable, for a savings of 10%-35% of the total budget so.

Hourly rate:

Time spent will incur an hourly fee of $100.

Milieu’s trade discount will be applied to purchases for savings of 10%-35% of the total budget when applicable.


Design fees are due at the time of the presentation, regardless if client plans to make purchases now or at a later date.

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